totally turbo(kick)


i was supposed to go for a training run with a friend this morning. she’s currently training for her first 5k and has enlisted my help in getting her there!  its really awesome for me because i know how crucial my hubby is to my race training because he pushes my ass past what i think i’m capable of and now i get to pass that motivation -and butt kicking- onto someone else. however, i was sick over the weekend (read: hit by a mack truck) and when my friend needed to reschedule our training run for this morning i was a little thankful.

i decided to pull out an oldy but a goody workout – TurboKick!  since i was pretty much laid up in bed for most of the past couple of days, i wanted to see how it felt to get back into a good, sweaty workout. and i haven’t spent time with my beloved TurboKick in quite some time. oh TK, how i’ve missed you.

burning up 9 calories a minute!

ok, not the best pic, but in my defense it was taken during the hot second that i took a water break. way to multi-task!

total calories burned for 50 min TK workout

not too shabby for a comeback workout. usually i kill about 450+ cals doing a TurboKick but my body needed to take it down a notch.
Post-workout i was desperately craving some fuel in the form of a delish breakfast. since i went food shopping saturday, i was able to create an awesome tofu scramble.

tofu scramble with meunster cheese, avocado and salsa

i’m going to try to squeeze in some more rest because i have two classes to teach tonight. 
♥ peace out loves! ♥

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  1. Dawn
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 17:35:51

    Loving the new site ❤


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