hot date with the couch

since i’m still in a bit of recovery mode, the hubby and i decided to hang at home last night. since i teach a class or two every night of the week i try to prep food for the evening so its easy for me to toss dinner together when i get home. i wanted something super light for dinner so i threw together a veggie-rific salad filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, black beans, onion, a little lime juice and some seasoning. 

veg-tastic salad

 this salad was perfect! hit the spot and i think it’d rock on summer nights when all you want is something light and refreshing. when i got home, i also decided to throw some mini-crab cakes in the oven so hubby and i could snack on those if we wanted. 

and then a little of this happened…


it was a vino kinda night.
then we settled onto the couch to catch Game of Thrones. i totally went into this thinking the show wouldn’t be something at all that i’d like, but from start to finish i was on the edge of my seat and totally into it! the bummer part is that this show is supposedly only 10 episodes long and then its over!  ah well, by then my beloved True Blood will be back on and all will be right with the world again.
and it also turns out that hubby had quite the night. when i got home, he looked absolutely flustered and he proceeds to tell me that he spent a good part of the night saving a bird. turns out we had a bird stuck in our attic. i totally knew this because i kept hearing something up there but didn’t quite know what it was. i asked hubby to listen for it and he happened to hear it while i was at yoga. he decided to get adventurous and hike up into the attic and get the bird out. after he climbed into the attic, the bird panicked and flew into the house! our two cats went nuts! they never had a toy with wings before. one of our cats is quite the huntress and totally tackled the bird in the bedroom. upon hearing a screaming bird (i don’t even know what a screaming bird would sound like) hubby raced out of the attic and into the bedroom to save the bird from the clutches of her…
don’t let the peaceful look fool you.
thankfully hubby had a successful Operation: Bird Rescue and finally managed to get a hold of the bird and get it out of our bedroom window.
all the excitement left him exhausted…
and hubby was pretty tired too!
so between the both of us, a date with the couch was needed.
it happens.
♥ peace out loves ♥

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Dawn
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 19:58:03

    Craziness! B-Man looks BEAT! Poor P!


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