early to bed

its friday night and i’m blogging from my bed. my four-legged family has joined me. i have old re-runs of sex and the city on in the background. i’m sipping on a huge glass of lemon ice water. i’m pretty happy. today has been a pretty chill kind of day. it started off at the hair salon. i awoke, slipped into a bubble bath, packed up some of my latest fitness magazines and headed out for some hair pampering. a couple of hours later i was officially a straight-haired girl. 

taking a day off from everything felt good because my body is still sore from all the spinning and kickboxing i’ve done this week. since bringing kickboxing back into my workout routine my body has definitely been thrown from its comfort zone and it’s not shy about letting me know it! yesterday i rocked a turbokick workout and left myself drenched in sweat glistening and exhausted.

i burned a crazy amount of calories

and i was a happy girl.

then i decided to roll out the sexy tie dye and get a little quality time in on my mat.

as you can see, i’m a bit limited in my practice space. my teeny, tiny cozy apartment requires it’s own set of acrobatics just to get into some of the poses.

so after teaching lots of classes, getting my workout and yoga on all week and running my usual errands i felt like today required a bit of pampering.  it’s all about balance, right?  tomorrow i hit the ground running with an early morning yoga class then the weekend is filled with holiday festivities (read: running around like an insane person trying to make it to everyone’s houses).

so back to my ice water, furry babies and re-runs.

early to bed.

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