the vegan chronicles part duex


happy wednesday afternoon beauties!

i’m checking in with you on the great vegan experiment. i kicked off this experiment a couple of days ago because i needed a little detox in my life. i also fully believe that there isn’t a downside to going vegan and while i’m not sure if i’ll stay 100% vegan after these 21 days, i’m already beginning to learn some interesting things about myself that make me happy i’m doing this.

1- i actually CAN set my mind to something, create a goal and follow through (even if that goal involves saying so long to cheese)

2- when eliminating said cheese from my life i swear i’ve actually experienced withdrawals that could rival a crack detox

3- i have crazy energy spikes

4- last night these energy spikes woke me up at 3am

5- when i’m forced to, i can get really creative in the kitchen… 25 different ways to create a vegan alternative to chocolate? check!

i also got creative in good old Trader Joe’s.  here are some of my finds

a snack AND a dessert? i'll take it!

i enjoyed this for breakfast this morning
and i grabbed some of this
any recommendations for how to make this??

since my belly’s been on bean, veggie and tofu overload i decided to treat myself to a bowl of thai soup this afternoon pre-yoga

it was just what was needed! light and filling. just the right amount spice. the last time i had this soup was in california and i forgot all about it until i had it again today. so delish!

on a non-vegan related note, i scored an interview with lululemon! i’m beyond excited! after hearing so many people rave about them, i finally applied. its something i actually have wanted to do for awhile now and i’m excited to see how it works out.

have you ever tried a new diet/lifestyle/detox?  how did it make you feel?  if it was dietary, did you stick with it? 

and now i must leave you to finish dinner prep and to return to my ever-mature netflix obsession – beavis and butt-head.

don’t judge.

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