green queen

i have a confession to make. this isn’t my first attempt at being a vegan. and before becoming a vegetarian, i started and stopped the process so many times i lost count. see, while i had many reasons for changing my diet in the past, i always set myself up for failure because i never really took the time to educate myself on what i was doing. i just kind of did it. so was i a vegetarian? yes. but i lived on french fries and cookies. was i a vegan? yes. but i survived on pasta. so needless to say, i couldn’t maintain these diets because even though on the outside they sounded healthy, i converted them into something that was almost worse than my diet was pre-veg.

so this time i’m doing it the smart way. i’m reading books, experimenting with recipes and most importantly, i’m using supplements. i’ve found at this stage in the process i’m kind of detoxing a bit. i have some headaches and some stomach gurgles. its nothing terrible, but its my body’s way of saying ‘peace out’ to all the sugar and stuff i used to eat.

last night, over homemade tempeh enchiladas, the hubby and i sat down to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

it’s a documentary about a man’s journey to health through juicing. he shares his experiences, and his juice!, with everyone he meets along the way. it was really interesting and life changing for the people that did it. it got hubby totally enthusiastic about juicing. so this morning he ordered us our very first juicer! look out veggies, here we come!

but in the meantime, i’m still whipping us up green smoothies



post-blend green smoothie glamour because that’s how i roll

and to prove to you that i actually do eat/drink/ingest the things i post on here


veggie vixen



i swear i’m smiling behind that huge goblet of green

and here’s some of my current supplements 


a multi, spirulina for smoothies (and i have maca but i didn’t snap a pic of if) and extra hits of Vitamin B

the vitamin B is really because i want to increase my niacin intake which i read helps alleviate anxiety. and even though i don’t suffer from the disorder anymore, i’m always looking to try things to “increase the peace” within my body. my take on it? couldn’t hurt. so i’m giving it a whirl.

and now i’m off to finish sippin’ on my smoothie, practice some nadi shodhana before my way overdue dentist appointment and teach a hot yoga class.

i leave you with this

hubby torturing dancing with the cat

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