birthday boy

goooood morning and happy thursday!

before i pay tribute to a very special birthday boy, i want to share my recent green juice success! 

the juicer that Hubby P ordered came on monday. i was so excited that i pulled it out of the box and promptly worked to find it a home in our teeny kitchen. between a coffee maker, dehydrator, vitamix, toaster over and fruit bowls i had my work cut out for me. i finally decided to make an executive decision and nixed the coffee maker. it was old and on its way out anyway. then i boxed up the dehydrator (until the day we have a bigger kitchen) and moved some things around. the end result?

my own personal juice and smoothie bar

bring on the greens!
i then ran out and grabbed all the greens i could find! i wanted to be well versed in the breville before HubbyP and i start our juice cleanse.
once the fridge was stocked, i grabbed a cucumber, some celery stalks, handfuls of romaine and a pear for good measure and shoved them all through the juicer.
the result was pure green goodness



liquid amazingness


enjoying the fruits (and veggies!) of my labor

über success! i slurped sipped that sucker down and was good to go!

now enough of my green gushing. onto the main event for today.  it’s somebody’s birthday! 

birthday boy

my little man is a cinco de mayo baby! and to make it extra special- he’s 5!    5 on 5/5.  on saturday we’re going over to our wonderful friends’ house and bringing along some doggy treats so all the pups can celebrate.  we do it up right for the furbabies.

in the meantime, the birthday boy is taking a snooze
he had a rough day yesterday. 4 hour playdate. you know how it is.
and in the spirit of spoiling, i’ll also be celebrating his birthday with a little treat for me

grocery story score!

do you celebrate four-legged birthdays? or are we just nuts over here 😉
if you have any amazing juice concoctions to share, please do! i like my recent creation but feel that variety is the spice of life and will come in handy during the cleanse!
peace out ♥

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