crazy for kale

i am going to be super adventurous and share a recipe with you!

hold onto your hats, because it’s gonna get crazy up in here!

i’ve become a bit of a kale crazy lately. i throw the green goodness in my smoothies, morning juices, on veggie burgers and toast them up in the oven for chips… but today i decided to combine it with my other green love – avocado.

now when i was focusing on adding more raw foods to my diet, avocado was my go-to guy. and i’m not super proud to admit this, but i was the girl that would slice an avo up and just scoop spoonfuls of it into my mouth.

now i know when you make a kale salad its best to massage it in a little oil to soften it. so today i mashed up an avocado, a little olive oil, sprinkle of sea salt and pinch of garlic salt and massaged it into a hunk of kale. i let it soften and absorb the yumminess as my sweet potato baked in the oven. the result?  full on foodgasm.

so if you’re looking for something totally easy peasy to make one night and score some green points with your diet… definitely try it.

green goodness

notice the additional slices of avo on top? i’m obsessed.

after lunch i headed out for a walk in the sun with the pup

and enjoyed the fact that spring has finally gotten it’s ass in gear sprung

now i’m getting ready to head into bed because i’m grandma it’s been a long day and snuggle up with this face

what? you thought i was talking about hubby p?

♥ goodnight lovelies♥

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