vixen worthy spin playlist

it’s no secret that i love teaching spin. it’s probably because after all that chill time on my mat, i’m aching to do a little booty kicking. 😉


i think of my spin classes as parties and i wanna be one killer hostess! if you don’t leave the room panting, sweating and walking a little funky, i didn’t do my job. so for all you solo spinners, i wanted to share my latest playlist with you! feel free to rock it out during your own cycle workout or share it with a class if you teach!

     “black sheep” metric  –warm up

 “blow” ke$ha

“chelsea” the summer set  –i use this for killer sprints

” E T” katy perry  -kinda begs for a climb

“finally”  kings of tomorrow

“i got a man”  positive k  –who remembers this song? don’t lie!

“just can’t get enough”  black eyed peas

“like a G6”  far east movement

“look at me now”  chris brown

“on the floor”  jennifer lopez

“paper planes”  street sweeper social club

“sex on fire”  kings of leon

“take on me”  reel big fish

“the theme (of progressive attack)”  brooklyn bounce

“toxic”  static lullaby

“don’t you (forget about me)” simple minds  – cool down

total time: 1:00:27

let me know if you rock this out during your next spin sweat sesh!

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