memorial day weekend recap

Hi lovelies!

i’m getting ready to head to bed soon so i’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for an early flight tomorrow morning. i wanted to catch up because lots of fun things have happened these past few days. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  friday was my birthday! what a great way to kick off a weekend.  Hubby P surprised me with an amazing gift and told me we could spend the night any way i wanted to – and you know what sounded terrific to me? ordering in, with a glass of wine and watching movies on the couch. it was perfection! i also celebrated another fun milestone – my one month vegan-versary! i officially made it one entire month sans cheese, dairy and eggs. it wasn’t always the easiest, but i definitely feel it was worth the work. i felt healthy, energetic and completely satisfied food-wise.  i had a good time experimenting in the kitchen with new dishes, i’m now a cous cous connoisseur, and enjoyed learning about new foods and ways to enhance my diet. after the one month vegan diet and a raging stomach flu i was officially down 10lbs. 

when i first started this diet, i wasn’t sure if i’d keep the lifestyle but it was always a goal of mine to transition to a vegan lifestyle at some point. i did have a slice of pizza a few days after my vegan-versary to see how my body would react. i felt alright, but definitely realize that i really enjoy my new lifestyle and will probably adopt a 98% vegan diet from now on.  which should be interesting on this upcoming trip!  i always feel like traveling can sometimes pose challenges when you’re trying to maintain your daily activities.  but i’m going in as prepared as possible.  i’ve checked for vegan food and options at all the places we’ll be, i packed my running sneakers and tossed in some yoga togs.  i even tried to look up the fitness classes at the hotel, but had trouble viewing it, so i’ll just see if i can pick up a schedule when i get there.

i’m out like sauerkraut –

♥  peace out loves ♥

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