and now…back to regularly scheduled blogging

hi loves! how are you all?  i’ve been MIA from the blogosphere lately, but i promise, it’s for all good reasons 🙂

ever notice how something happens and kind of acts like a catalyst for many other changes?  well that kind of happened with my little vegan experiment. i went vegan on april 19th. and i stuck with it… for just under 2 months. now i had grand plans of staying vegan because i was really enjoying it. i got into home cooked meals and sharing my experiences with friends and family. however, after about 3 weeks in, i caught a nasty stomach flu. it knocked me out for almost a solid week. i barely ate and definitely didn’t work out. once i felt better i spent a week regaining energy and going back to teaching my classes. then a week later, the stomach flu came back with a vengeance. after consulting with a nutritionist, i began to incorporate more probiotics into my diet, as well as heaps of ginger and chamomile tea. i also practically lived on green smoothies and juices to help fight the virus. i eventually got better and had a wonderful week of health. and then, ONCE AGAIN, i was knocked on my butt by a virus so bad i couldn’t even keep water down. i got severely dehydrated and slept for hours on end. after being sick 3 times in 2 months i chucked the vegan diet and laid off the green juices for a while. i know they probably aren’t really related, but it freaked me out enough to go back to my regular veg diet and just dabble in being a part-time vegan. i lost a total of 17lbs without even stepping foot in a gym. by the time i got back to running i could barely push out a mile. yeah… it was no beuno.

so here i am. back to my regular eating routine and happily working out again! in the middle of all that craziness, i started working at lululemon. i’m loving it! i’ve already been to multiple yoga classes and even a spin class with the lulu girls. i love the feeling of community and family and like-mindedness.  it was exactly what i was craving! so i now work there full-time, teach yoga and spin classes part-time and now am back to blogging 🙂  YAY.  oh, and we’re getting ready for a move to boot!

here’s how i’ve been keeping calm during all this transition:

heaps of yoga and meditation

sipping wine

taking time to see friends

writing and journaling

revising my goals – to keep me focused on why i’m bringing about all this change

early morning runs with Hubby P

on that note, i’m off to start my crazy busy day! i’m totally looking forward to a post-yoga dinner date with a girlfriend. yay for work AND play!

peace out,



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