vixen worthy spin tunes

i just finished making a big batch of quinoa and i’m doing some last-minute errands before heading off to teach a super sweaty spin class.


tonight’s theme is all about endurance.  it’s packed with killer hills, climbing sprints and a super secret move that leaves our legs like jello!  i’m diggin’ the tunes and wanted to share 🙂 – check it out:

Drumming Song- Florence + The Machine  warm up

Last Friday Night- Katy Perry  moderate ride with sprints

Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids  2nd position ride, heavy resistance

Black Sheep- Metric  3rd position, full on climb

Give Me Everything- Pitbull  seated recovery 

Heartless- Dia Frampton  3rd position climb with sprints

F’**kin Perfect- P!nk  2nd position climb with sprints

Waiting for the End- Linkin Park  seated climb, bad ass resistance

Memories- Weezer  seated recovery

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth w/ Money in my Hand- Primitive Radio Gods  3rd position climb with sprints

Alice- Moby  2nd position climb with sprints

The Climb- No Doubt  seated climb, bad ass resistance

Dissolved Girl- Massive Attack  3rd position, heavy resistance, super secret leg move

Price Tag- Jessie J  cool down

and on that note, i’m off to get my sweat on!

♥peace out♥

*always consult a physician before starting a new exercise routine and modify to accommodate your fitness level/needs 

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