mover and shaker

hey there lovely ones!

how has your friday been treating you?  i’ve been a mover and shaker today, even though i’ve barely left the house!  hubby p and i are busily prepping for our move and since i work most weekends, he’s been rocking it with the paint brush. only 2 more rooms to go!  i’ve been spending my time cleaning, sorting, boxing and bubble wrapping.  our little apartment is slowly becoming overwhelmed with boxes, as are its inhabitants (eek!), but i know it’ll be worth it come move day and i’m way ahead of the game in the packing department.


so as i sit here, surrounded by boxes, i feel accomplished. my morning run was rained out so once hubby p gets home he’s going to finish up some work and then we’re gonna go pound the pavement for a few miles. the rain didn’t kill off the humidity so hopefully by the time we get out there, it’ll have cooled down a bit more. i got the new runner\’s world magazine in the mail today and they have an article on training in the heat. along with tips on staying hydrated and safe out there, it also mentions how training in hot weather can actually improve your runs in cooler weather.  score!  there’s also some cool advice on mentally training for runs as well.  i think that’s still the toughest part for me.  my head swirls with negative chatter before a run… “you’re not a runner”, “you’re so slow”, “you’ll never be able to do this for 13.1 miles”, etc. so i think i’m going to start gettin’ a little yogi on my runs and just stay present.  concentrate on each run as it comes.  last sunday morning i rocked 5 miles in 1:01:52.  i know i can do this!  i just have to remember that when i’m actually out there 😉

how do you get through tough challenges?  do you have a mantra or a favorite song that helps get you back on track and staying positive?  



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