happy august and goal reviews

happy august wellness mavens!

i worked yesterday and then led a yoga class so i waited until today to sit down with my journal and review my monthly goals. 


here were my july goals:

1) run 3x/week  still working on this, i’m up to about 2-3x/week

2) yoga 2x/week  this was going strong except in these past 2 weeks when the move has pretty much taken up all spare time

3) long runs at 5 miles by end of month  done!

4) complete 1,5,10 year goals for work  done!

5) become education expert at work   super close to this

6) actively blog 3-4x/week   done!

7) volunteer at animal shelter   all i need to do is orientation but, alas moving has also taken over in this department

8 ) daily TO DO lists   done!

9) review brian tracey life planning/goal setting   in progress (there’s lots of info here!)

10) read 2 new books  done! (i’m actually on my 5th for the month)

11) date nights with Hubby P   done! and still in progress 😉

i just started working on my august monthly goals- markers, magazines, glitter and glue all ready to go!  i’ve started to make my goal setting time into a small-scale event 🙂

after doing my 1, 5, 10 year goal planning i broke down my 1 year goals into monthly sections and then i started writing out a TO DO list every day in order to accomplish those monthly goals. so ideally, if i break down my monthly goals into totally do-able actions, i’ll have no problem getting all my goals within reach! 

do you goal set? write out daily to do lists? if you do, how’s it going? how do you keep track of your successes?

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