bringing community to (yoga) class

have you ever felt uncomfortable or intimidated at a yoga studio?  well jacoby ballard has. and from that experience a new studio was born. 

i always love hearing the reason’s behind someone’s practice.  why does someone choose the studio they do?  how did a person begin practicing?  what does a person gain from asana?  it’s always unique and interesting to me.

this brooklyn studio is really focused on serving their community with innovative classes and encouraging people to get to know their fellow yogis when on the mat.  and it seems people are diggin’ it.  i know saying our names and introducing ourselves prior to class can sometimes dredge up memories of freshman year on our first day of high school, but i can appreciate the intention.  when i was just starting out in my practice, i didn’t really interact with anyone in class.  i kind of came and went and left my practice on the mat.  now i really love saying hi to familiar faces at the studio, grabbing a cup of coffee green tea with other yogis post- class and bringing that sense of community into other areas of my life.  it’s also a pretty cool way to find out if you mesh with a particular studio/teacher/class.  my classes are lighthearted and you can see it with my students.  i encourage talking to each other (before or after class 😉 ) laughing and enjoying the moment.  i really strive to have people connect with their practice, and to themselves, and promoting that sense of community can enhance that experience. 

what do you think?  what draws you to a certain studio or class?  do you love to make friends in class or do you come, flow and go?


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