welcome! i’m bonnie, the blogger formerly known as Anxiety to Zen, a blog that focused on my trials and tribulations with anxiety. having conquered much of my anxiety and fears, i now reside here… where i can blog and chat about some of my favorite things: fitness, yoga, running, eating and playing.  i am excited to live the life i fought hard to get back and i’m totally psyched about sharing it with you!

wanna know more? ok!

i’ve been with my man for over 10 years! and married him in 2007- he’s my best friend and love of my life, how lucky am i!?

yoga saved my life. sounds a little dramatic, but it did. i became so passionate about yoga and its ability to heal the body, mind and soul that i became certified to teach it.  i took a giant leap of faith  in 2009 and left the comfort and security of my 9-5 and started teaching yoga full-time.

a few months later i began a love affair with running. i am not naturally gifted at pounding the pavement so every time i step out there and every mile i have under my belt is a huge accomplishment for me. i ran my first 5k with my pup! i then began to run an annual holiday 5k with my hubby and am currently looking to add some 10ks or half marathons to my accomplishments. my ultimate running goal is to run a marathon. and not so much for the physical challenge, but the mental challenge. i’m my harshest critic and am striving to become my own personal cheerleader. i also adore that running is something i can do with my husband even though he could leave me in the dust!
me and the pup (just one of my 4-legged loves!)
besides time on my mat and running in circles, i love to spend time with my little family. one of the biggest things i wanted to do once i overcame my anxiety was travel – and i’m happy to say that i’ve been able to add some stamps to my passport.
so right now, i’m enjoying living a life filled with good friends, good (veggie) food and good times.
and of course, a martini here and there never hurt anyone either…

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  1. vogueyogini
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 00:40:12

    Your story makes me smile. The photos are great, too! Lots of former anxiety girl love to you, girl. xo


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