memorial day weekend recap

Hi lovelies!

i’m getting ready to head to bed soon so i’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for an early flight tomorrow morning. i wanted to catch up because lots of fun things have happened these past few days. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  friday was my birthday! what a great way to kick off a weekend.  Hubby P surprised me with an amazing gift and told me we could spend the night any way i wanted to – and you know what sounded terrific to me? ordering in, with a glass of wine and watching movies on the couch. it was perfection! i also celebrated another fun milestone – my one month vegan-versary! i officially made it one entire month sans cheese, dairy and eggs. it wasn’t always the easiest, but i definitely feel it was worth the work. i felt healthy, energetic and completely satisfied food-wise.  i had a good time experimenting in the kitchen with new dishes, i’m now a cous cous connoisseur, and enjoyed learning about new foods and ways to enhance my diet. after the one month vegan diet and a raging stomach flu i was officially down 10lbs. 

when i first started this diet, i wasn’t sure if i’d keep the lifestyle but it was always a goal of mine to transition to a vegan lifestyle at some point. i did have a slice of pizza a few days after my vegan-versary to see how my body would react. i felt alright, but definitely realize that i really enjoy my new lifestyle and will probably adopt a 98% vegan diet from now on.  which should be interesting on this upcoming trip!  i always feel like traveling can sometimes pose challenges when you’re trying to maintain your daily activities.  but i’m going in as prepared as possible.  i’ve checked for vegan food and options at all the places we’ll be, i packed my running sneakers and tossed in some yoga togs.  i even tried to look up the fitness classes at the hotel, but had trouble viewing it, so i’ll just see if i can pick up a schedule when i get there.

i’m out like sauerkraut –

♥  peace out loves ♥


we had a yogi down…

i repeat.

a yogi was down.

for 5 solid days i was knocked on my bootay by a heinous stomach flu. the worst part? i never saw it coming. i went to bed wednesday night with some body aches but really didn’t think too much of it… until 1:30am when i was bathroom bound and burning up with a fever.

needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lotta yoga going on.  there wasn’t really a whole lot of anything going on. no running, no gym… i was barely even walking.  i eased back into teaching the beginning of this week and had my first full practice today.  it felt SO GOOD to be back on my mat. hubbyP noticed how incredibly cranky i get when i’m sans workouts and yoga.

so in honor of kicking my own butt, i picked a kathryn budig class to do from YogaGlo.  verdict? i’m in love. it was a beautiful flow full of chaturangas, down dogs, arm balances and this….


i felt saucy enough to kick up into tripod headstand and i was able to lift away from the wall.  absolute score!

now i am fully aware that this isn’t the point of yoga, however when you work on your practice and you’re able to grow it to another level, it feels amazing. the thing is, i’m happy no matter where my body is in its practice, but every now and then it surprises me. and i love that.

you can bet your butt that there will be many more headstands in my very near future!

it feels good to be back! damn, i missed it! and i missed my classes!

when you’re sick and down for the count, how do you deal? do you take the needed time off or do you push through for sake of sanity?

vixen worthy spin playlist

it’s no secret that i love teaching spin. it’s probably because after all that chill time on my mat, i’m aching to do a little booty kicking. 😉


i think of my spin classes as parties and i wanna be one killer hostess! if you don’t leave the room panting, sweating and walking a little funky, i didn’t do my job. so for all you solo spinners, i wanted to share my latest playlist with you! feel free to rock it out during your own cycle workout or share it with a class if you teach!

     “black sheep” metric  –warm up

 “blow” ke$ha

“chelsea” the summer set  –i use this for killer sprints

” E T” katy perry  -kinda begs for a climb

“finally”  kings of tomorrow

“i got a man”  positive k  –who remembers this song? don’t lie!

“just can’t get enough”  black eyed peas

“like a G6”  far east movement

“look at me now”  chris brown

“on the floor”  jennifer lopez

“paper planes”  street sweeper social club

“sex on fire”  kings of leon

“take on me”  reel big fish

“the theme (of progressive attack)”  brooklyn bounce

“toxic”  static lullaby

“don’t you (forget about me)” simple minds  – cool down

total time: 1:00:27

let me know if you rock this out during your next spin sweat sesh!

crazy for kale

i am going to be super adventurous and share a recipe with you!

hold onto your hats, because it’s gonna get crazy up in here!

i’ve become a bit of a kale crazy lately. i throw the green goodness in my smoothies, morning juices, on veggie burgers and toast them up in the oven for chips… but today i decided to combine it with my other green love – avocado.

now when i was focusing on adding more raw foods to my diet, avocado was my go-to guy. and i’m not super proud to admit this, but i was the girl that would slice an avo up and just scoop spoonfuls of it into my mouth.

now i know when you make a kale salad its best to massage it in a little oil to soften it. so today i mashed up an avocado, a little olive oil, sprinkle of sea salt and pinch of garlic salt and massaged it into a hunk of kale. i let it soften and absorb the yumminess as my sweet potato baked in the oven. the result?  full on foodgasm.

so if you’re looking for something totally easy peasy to make one night and score some green points with your diet… definitely try it.

green goodness

notice the additional slices of avo on top? i’m obsessed.

after lunch i headed out for a walk in the sun with the pup

and enjoyed the fact that spring has finally gotten it’s ass in gear sprung

now i’m getting ready to head into bed because i’m grandma it’s been a long day and snuggle up with this face

what? you thought i was talking about hubby p?

♥ goodnight lovelies♥

21 day vegan kickstart success!

i am so happy to announce that today is officially the end of the 21 day vegan kickstart. i found this kickstart through a tweet from kris carr and decided to jump on the bandwagon as one of my overall goals for myself is to adopt a vegan diet. at first i thought this was going to be so hard. give up cheese, my occasional bagel egg sandwich and my beloved quesadillas? i couldn’t imagine a life without them! but now, 21 days later, i’m feeling fresh and craving-free. being vegan eliminated my desire for “quick” eats and grabbing take out that i knew wasn’t the best for me. and even though i indulged moderately, i still really wanted to be in control of my diet and food. plus, with a vegan diet – i win, the animals win and the earth wins. score.

i strayed a bit from the exact kickstart, but i definitely used the recipes for the first 7-10 days. they were easy and didn’t require ingredients i had never heard of. that’s always a bonus as i’m nowhere close to being mistaken for a chef. i had some fun, got creative and really ate like a queen. overall, i give the experience two thumbs up. and here’s the best part. and if i had a third thumb i’d raise it for this reason as well – my anxiety is at an all time low. i’m nervous by nature (which is probably how my panic got so out of control way back when) and i always tend to feel twinges every now and again. but this vegan diet has really squashed those feelings. it’s kind of unbelievable. the food i’m eating is whole, unprocessed, veggie-rific and clean… and my body is really diggin’ it!

here’s some recent eats

egg(less) salad sandwich


tofu thai


breakfast scramble

i’ve also started to incorporate some ideas from alicia silverstone’s the kind diet 
she talks a lot about having whole grains make an appearance at each meal. so i grabbed whole wheat cous cous, barley and my recent obsession… quinoa.
i get creative with my quinoa

toasting it up


toss in some broth


20 simmering minutes later its ready to fluff

 add some rosemary herbed pecans, dried cranberries and parsley

and you've got dinner!

totally easy.  and kinda delish.  of course, a vegan greek salad made it’s way onto the plate too. who knows how this stuff happens 😉

i’m feeling this diet and i think i’m gonna stick with it. and i’m freakin’ excited to cross that goal off my list! i did it! is there a special vegan handshake or chest bump i should be aware of? 

over the weekend, hubby p and i celebrated our pup’s birthday. i still have to upload the photos, but here he is enjoying one of his many birthday treats

that stick doesn't stand a chance

how was your weekend? anything fun happening for this week??

favorite things friday

happy friday! it’s almost the weekend!

i’m about to chug some green juice and head out to pilates, but before i go i wanted to share some of my favorite friday things with you 🙂

1) hubby coming home from yet another a business trip

late last night hubby P got home from a biz trip just in time to see me finish off my celebratory cinco de mayo margarita and give the pup his birthday present.

2) actually waking up when my alarm goes off

i don’t know if its the vegan diet, green juices or yoga but my body has had energy to spare lately and i’m loving it! i bounced out of bed this morning, took the pup out, banged out a 2 mile run, washed my running clothes and showered all before 8am.

3) HOT workouts

i may hit up a hot pilates class later this morning. i loooove to get my sweat on during deep stretching


4) vegan restaurants

we’re going out to dinner with friends tonight and i’m pumped to go back to this fabulous vegan place that serves the most amazeballs (vegan) crabcakes. hello, happiness on a plate.


5) The Kind Diet

just downloaded this to my kindle and am digging it so far

what are some of your favorite things today? attitude of gratitude baby!

birthday boy

goooood morning and happy thursday!

before i pay tribute to a very special birthday boy, i want to share my recent green juice success! 

the juicer that Hubby P ordered came on monday. i was so excited that i pulled it out of the box and promptly worked to find it a home in our teeny kitchen. between a coffee maker, dehydrator, vitamix, toaster over and fruit bowls i had my work cut out for me. i finally decided to make an executive decision and nixed the coffee maker. it was old and on its way out anyway. then i boxed up the dehydrator (until the day we have a bigger kitchen) and moved some things around. the end result?

my own personal juice and smoothie bar

bring on the greens!
i then ran out and grabbed all the greens i could find! i wanted to be well versed in the breville before HubbyP and i start our juice cleanse.
once the fridge was stocked, i grabbed a cucumber, some celery stalks, handfuls of romaine and a pear for good measure and shoved them all through the juicer.
the result was pure green goodness



liquid amazingness


enjoying the fruits (and veggies!) of my labor

über success! i slurped sipped that sucker down and was good to go!

now enough of my green gushing. onto the main event for today.  it’s somebody’s birthday! 

birthday boy

my little man is a cinco de mayo baby! and to make it extra special- he’s 5!    5 on 5/5.  on saturday we’re going over to our wonderful friends’ house and bringing along some doggy treats so all the pups can celebrate.  we do it up right for the furbabies.

in the meantime, the birthday boy is taking a snooze
he had a rough day yesterday. 4 hour playdate. you know how it is.
and in the spirit of spoiling, i’ll also be celebrating his birthday with a little treat for me

grocery story score!

do you celebrate four-legged birthdays? or are we just nuts over here 😉
if you have any amazing juice concoctions to share, please do! i like my recent creation but feel that variety is the spice of life and will come in handy during the cleanse!
peace out ♥

happy shoulder sequence

over the past week, when i’ve asked students for requests (i’m like DJ yogini), i’ve gotten lots of feedback for shoulder work.  i don’t know what’s tightening up all those shoulders, but i’m determined to help them work it out!  i thought i’d share some of my happy shoulders sequence with you in case you got some shoulder blues too.

i started and ended this sequence with moon salutations to warm us up.

what poses do you do to help achy shoulders?  do you keep a lot of tightness there?

always refer to a physician before starting any new exercise program and make sure its ok to practice 🙂


green queen

i have a confession to make. this isn’t my first attempt at being a vegan. and before becoming a vegetarian, i started and stopped the process so many times i lost count. see, while i had many reasons for changing my diet in the past, i always set myself up for failure because i never really took the time to educate myself on what i was doing. i just kind of did it. so was i a vegetarian? yes. but i lived on french fries and cookies. was i a vegan? yes. but i survived on pasta. so needless to say, i couldn’t maintain these diets because even though on the outside they sounded healthy, i converted them into something that was almost worse than my diet was pre-veg.

so this time i’m doing it the smart way. i’m reading books, experimenting with recipes and most importantly, i’m using supplements. i’ve found at this stage in the process i’m kind of detoxing a bit. i have some headaches and some stomach gurgles. its nothing terrible, but its my body’s way of saying ‘peace out’ to all the sugar and stuff i used to eat.

last night, over homemade tempeh enchiladas, the hubby and i sat down to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

it’s a documentary about a man’s journey to health through juicing. he shares his experiences, and his juice!, with everyone he meets along the way. it was really interesting and life changing for the people that did it. it got hubby totally enthusiastic about juicing. so this morning he ordered us our very first juicer! look out veggies, here we come!

but in the meantime, i’m still whipping us up green smoothies



post-blend green smoothie glamour because that’s how i roll

and to prove to you that i actually do eat/drink/ingest the things i post on here


veggie vixen



i swear i’m smiling behind that huge goblet of green

and here’s some of my current supplements 


a multi, spirulina for smoothies (and i have maca but i didn’t snap a pic of if) and extra hits of Vitamin B

the vitamin B is really because i want to increase my niacin intake which i read helps alleviate anxiety. and even though i don’t suffer from the disorder anymore, i’m always looking to try things to “increase the peace” within my body. my take on it? couldn’t hurt. so i’m giving it a whirl.

and now i’m off to finish sippin’ on my smoothie, practice some nadi shodhana before my way overdue dentist appointment and teach a hot yoga class.

i leave you with this

hubby torturing dancing with the cat

the vegan chronicles part duex


happy wednesday afternoon beauties!

i’m checking in with you on the great vegan experiment. i kicked off this experiment a couple of days ago because i needed a little detox in my life. i also fully believe that there isn’t a downside to going vegan and while i’m not sure if i’ll stay 100% vegan after these 21 days, i’m already beginning to learn some interesting things about myself that make me happy i’m doing this.

1- i actually CAN set my mind to something, create a goal and follow through (even if that goal involves saying so long to cheese)

2- when eliminating said cheese from my life i swear i’ve actually experienced withdrawals that could rival a crack detox

3- i have crazy energy spikes

4- last night these energy spikes woke me up at 3am

5- when i’m forced to, i can get really creative in the kitchen… 25 different ways to create a vegan alternative to chocolate? check!

i also got creative in good old Trader Joe’s.  here are some of my finds

a snack AND a dessert? i'll take it!

i enjoyed this for breakfast this morning
and i grabbed some of this
any recommendations for how to make this??

since my belly’s been on bean, veggie and tofu overload i decided to treat myself to a bowl of thai soup this afternoon pre-yoga

it was just what was needed! light and filling. just the right amount spice. the last time i had this soup was in california and i forgot all about it until i had it again today. so delish!

on a non-vegan related note, i scored an interview with lululemon! i’m beyond excited! after hearing so many people rave about them, i finally applied. its something i actually have wanted to do for awhile now and i’m excited to see how it works out.

have you ever tried a new diet/lifestyle/detox?  how did it make you feel?  if it was dietary, did you stick with it? 

and now i must leave you to finish dinner prep and to return to my ever-mature netflix obsession – beavis and butt-head.

don’t judge.

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