asana and anxiety

it’s no secret that i started practicing yoga, and ultimately decided to get my certification to teach, because i was dealing with an overwhelming anxiety disorder.  even though i know how yoga makes me feel, i know there are still some skeptics out there.  yoga helping to alleviate anxiety?  yeah, right. 

well here’s proof thanks to a Yoga Dork piece that i came across while doing some research.

what do you turn to yoga for?  post-workout stretches?  shoulder openers?  happy hips?  headache relief?  i kinda love that yoga can help everything from hang nails to hangovers.


the blogger formerly known as Anxiety to Zen

hey lovelies!

remember me? I used to hang out at Anxiety to Zen.

for much of my life, i focused everything on anxiety. my personal stress and anxious moments ruled my life. but in 2008 i took back control and discovered a beautiful path towards healing. once i began to make progress with my own challenges, i began to share my experiences with anyone that would listen. i dedicated all my energy towards being a voice for anxiety talking about it, writing about it, re-living it… then something happened. i realized i was still keeping myself anxious at least on the outside. i was engulfed in it and found it, in a different way, continuing to be the center of my life.

after some soul-searching, and some big changes in my life, i felt my path was shifting.

i still am passionate about talking about anxiety, sharing my stories with it and learning more ways to heal from anxiety disorders, but i also feel that my life is ready to focus on something else. i need to branch out a little bit and welcome more experiences into my life than just the anxious ones.

so it is with this new path of realization that i’m back baby! its kind of like chapter two of my life, if you will. i came, i fought, i conquered my most painful anxious episodes and i’m ready to now live the life i fought so hard to get back . so you’ll find this blog full of musings on running, yoga-ing, eating, adventuring and just plain having fun.

i still got some work to do on the bloggy to get it up and running, but i’ll be posting it up while i figure it all out.

right now, i’m in bed with some bad t.v. on and i have a glass of wine that needs tending to.

♥ peace out kiddies ♥

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