*friday favorites*

happy friday beautiful people!

its hot and humid here so Hubby P and i started the day off with a 6am run to try and beat the heat. it didn’t work… it was a sweaty 2.5 miles!  but it did feel amazing to be done with my workout by 7am. one of my monthly goals for july was to increase my training runs to 3x a week in order to accomplish my bigger 1 year goal of rockin’ out a half marathon (which is DECEMBER 4th!).  so far, its looking good that i’ll get to check that goal off my list 🙂  after completing this goal, i think i’m going to make milage goals for the following months- i’d like to add 2 miles to my long runs by the end of every month so i’m always striving to increase my base.

anyway, on to FRIDAY FAVORITES!

here’s some things i’ve been diggin’ lately:

a fun and flirty read


pink bubbly



sipping wine

what are some of your favorite things this week?
♥peace out♥

favorite things friday

happy friday! it’s almost the weekend!

i’m about to chug some green juice and head out to pilates, but before i go i wanted to share some of my favorite friday things with you 🙂

1) hubby coming home from yet another a business trip

late last night hubby P got home from a biz trip just in time to see me finish off my celebratory cinco de mayo margarita and give the pup his birthday present.

2) actually waking up when my alarm goes off

i don’t know if its the vegan diet, green juices or yoga but my body has had energy to spare lately and i’m loving it! i bounced out of bed this morning, took the pup out, banged out a 2 mile run, washed my running clothes and showered all before 8am.

3) HOT workouts

i may hit up a hot pilates class later this morning. i loooove to get my sweat on during deep stretching


4) vegan restaurants

we’re going out to dinner with friends tonight and i’m pumped to go back to this fabulous vegan place that serves the most amazeballs (vegan) crabcakes. hello, happiness on a plate.


5) The Kind Diet

just downloaded this to my kindle and am digging it so far

what are some of your favorite things today? attitude of gratitude baby!

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