finally there’s a cook in the kitchen!

hey there, how’s your night going?Ā  šŸ™‚

spin class was crazy fun tonight!Ā  i came home still pumped from the energy and whipped up a super simple soup and salad combo that totally hit the spot. one of my 1 year goals is to cook healthy meals 5x a week. i gave a due date of october 2011.Ā  this is a goal i have to actively work on every day because i’ve been known to play the “i’m beat” card and grab delicious take out for dinner. and i’veĀ certaintly made my fair share of lunch break trips to jamba juice šŸ˜‰


here was dinner- made in 10 minutes flat!



arugula salad with walnuts, flax seeds and basil olive oil

i’m off to snack on some fresh organic strawberries i picked up at trader joe’s (which may or may not be accompanied by a little whipped cream šŸ˜‰ )

have a great night!


post-holiday happenings

hello, hello lovelies!

for anyone celebrating holidays this week, i hope you had a wonderful one!

we spent some time with the fam and i got to see my beautiful baby nephew. he’s getting so big!

iĀ took advantage of my extra time off these past couple of days to kind of go over my goals. iĀ have a veryĀ (very) rough draft idea of things i’dĀ like to accomplish and iĀ almost have an idea of when i’dĀ like to accomplish them by. the problem is, iĀ am hesitant to write them down and commit. i’veĀ always been a little flakey when it came to goals. there were millions of them i’d like to do, but rarely took the steps needed to get to there.Ā 

i’veĀ realized that, while i’mĀ at no shortage of goals and aspirations, iĀ definitely am at a shortageĀ of waysĀ to get there and stay motivated. especially for those long-term goals.

here are some big goals of mine:

open a yoga studio

visit all 50 states

ski in switzerland

take a trip to london

run a marathon

write a book

continue to experiment with holistic health and healing modalities

these, of course, are just a glance and not in any particular order. however, most of them can be broken down into steps to make reaching each of these goals do-able. so while i’mĀ still in the process of putting my goals in month and year order, i’veĀ also started to break them down into manageableĀ steps. and the two steps i’veĀ taken so far are going to get me closer to optimum health and a marathon. a couple of days ago iĀ began a 21-day vegan kick-startĀ program. iĀ don’t know if i’llĀ continue after the 21 days or if i’llĀ completely transitionĀ to the lifestyle, but for now, this process will get me closer to my goal of complete health. as iĀ used to share with you over at Anxiety to Zen, food played a big role in my recovery and healing. iĀ was constantly eating spicy foods or caffeinated foods that caused anxious symptoms like stomach-achesĀ or pounding heart. through diet modification iĀ was able to really help myself overcome a lot of issues. and the second thing i’veĀ done is researched a half marathon to do by the end of this year. iĀ have a base of 3 miles right now and would adore running some 10ksĀ this summer with the ultimate goal of a half in december. iĀ found one i’dĀ like to do and will share details as the time gets closer, but what better way to train for a marathon than train for smaller distances and work your way up?Ā  so the first step was finding a half that i’dĀ have sufficient time to train for because i’mĀ not a naturally gifted runner. iĀ turn a sexy shade of red and huff and puff my way through my mileage. but every stepĀ iĀ take is one step closer to my goal. and hey, no one said iĀ had to look like a beauty queen at the finish line. i just have to make it TO the finish line.

i’m happy to say my official half marathon training began yesterday with a 3 mile loop and some interval work at the end. and today is the 3rd day of being a vegan vixen šŸ™‚

and iĀ must say… iĀ have more energy and i’m feeling pretty good.

and i’ve totally been eating like a queen

homemade vegan rice pudding

PB Cup smoothie

homemade vegan chocolate mousse with strawberries

and for when i want to have a little fun

spicy buffalo wings and blue cheese- all vegan!

we have a vegan italianĀ restaurant by us where iĀ can stock up on all my little guilty pleasures- like these and pizza!

i must say, so far so good!

i’mĀ learning to take each day at a time and stay present in the little steps that work me towards my big goals. making them more manageableĀ makes them seem more obtainable and it feels good to know i’m sticking to something.

i’mĀ also treating my goals like iĀ treat my practice. one day at a time. i may fall off the wagon or miss a day of training or forget a step needed to get ahead, but it’s all ok. it’s not always just about the finish, it’s gotta be about the journey as well.

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