we had a yogi down…

i repeat.

a yogi was down.

for 5 solid days i was knocked on my bootay by a heinous stomach flu. the worst part? i never saw it coming. i went to bed wednesday night with some body aches but really didn’t think too much of it… until 1:30am when i was bathroom bound and burning up with a fever.

needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lotta yoga going on.  there wasn’t really a whole lot of anything going on. no running, no gym… i was barely even walking.  i eased back into teaching the beginning of this week and had my first full practice today.  it felt SO GOOD to be back on my mat. hubbyP noticed how incredibly cranky i get when i’m sans workouts and yoga.

so in honor of kicking my own butt, i picked a kathryn budig class to do from YogaGlo.  verdict? i’m in love. it was a beautiful flow full of chaturangas, down dogs, arm balances and this….


i felt saucy enough to kick up into tripod headstand and i was able to lift away from the wall.  absolute score!

now i am fully aware that this isn’t the point of yoga, however when you work on your practice and you’re able to grow it to another level, it feels amazing. the thing is, i’m happy no matter where my body is in its practice, but every now and then it surprises me. and i love that.

you can bet your butt that there will be many more headstands in my very near future!

it feels good to be back! damn, i missed it! and i missed my classes!

when you’re sick and down for the count, how do you deal? do you take the needed time off or do you push through for sake of sanity?


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