10 ways i’m un-yogic

i recently read this funny article about an unconventional yoga teacher. in the past few months there’s been lots of buzz about what makes a yoga teacher a yoga teacher.  is it using sanskrit in class or having amazing backbends? is it the ability to spout off the sutras with as much passion as your co-worker rehashes the latest drama on the bachelorette? 

it got me reflecting on myself as an instructor.  do i fit the stereotype of your “typical” yogi?  definitely not.  and call me crazy, but i think some of the best instructors i’ve ever had have known who they are and own it no matter what.  hey, we’re all students, right?  we can always find something to learn- even from the most eccentric yogis.

so in honor of following your own path, here’s 10 ways in which i can be un-yogic:

1) i enjoy a martini as much as a cup of green tea

2) i’m obsessed with goal setting, to-do lists and planning out my entire day (sometimes down to the hour)

3) i think cheetos should be a food group

4) i can hold a grudge like a champ

5) there are days i could spend hours watching bad reality tv

6) i need to be in control… of everything

7) i have a competitive side

8 ) i know way too much about designer handbags

9) when my sarcasm is stifled, i can feel incomplete

10) i can’t wrap myself into a pretzel

so tell me, how are you un-yogic??


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