happy august and goal reviews

happy august wellness mavens!

i worked yesterday and then led a yoga class so i waited until today to sit down with my journal and review my monthly goals. 


here were my july goals:

1) run 3x/week  still working on this, i’m up to about 2-3x/week

2) yoga 2x/week  this was going strong except in these past 2 weeks when the move has pretty much taken up all spare time

3) long runs at 5 miles by end of month  done!

4) complete 1,5,10 year goals for work  done!

5) become education expert at work   super close to this

6) actively blog 3-4x/week   done!

7) volunteer at animal shelter   all i need to do is orientation but, alas moving has also taken over in this department

8 ) daily TO DO lists   done!

9) review brian tracey life planning/goal setting   in progress (there’s lots of info here!)

10) read 2 new books  done! (i’m actually on my 5th for the month)

11) date nights with Hubby P   done! and still in progress 😉

i just started working on my august monthly goals- markers, magazines, glitter and glue all ready to go!  i’ve started to make my goal setting time into a small-scale event 🙂

after doing my 1, 5, 10 year goal planning i broke down my 1 year goals into monthly sections and then i started writing out a TO DO list every day in order to accomplish those monthly goals. so ideally, if i break down my monthly goals into totally do-able actions, i’ll have no problem getting all my goals within reach! 

do you goal set? write out daily to do lists? if you do, how’s it going? how do you keep track of your successes?


mover and shaker

hey there lovely ones!

how has your friday been treating you?  i’ve been a mover and shaker today, even though i’ve barely left the house!  hubby p and i are busily prepping for our move and since i work most weekends, he’s been rocking it with the paint brush. only 2 more rooms to go!  i’ve been spending my time cleaning, sorting, boxing and bubble wrapping.  our little apartment is slowly becoming overwhelmed with boxes, as are its inhabitants (eek!), but i know it’ll be worth it come move day and i’m way ahead of the game in the packing department.


so as i sit here, surrounded by boxes, i feel accomplished. my morning run was rained out so once hubby p gets home he’s going to finish up some work and then we’re gonna go pound the pavement for a few miles. the rain didn’t kill off the humidity so hopefully by the time we get out there, it’ll have cooled down a bit more. i got the new runner\’s world magazine in the mail today and they have an article on training in the heat. along with tips on staying hydrated and safe out there, it also mentions how training in hot weather can actually improve your runs in cooler weather.  score!  there’s also some cool advice on mentally training for runs as well.  i think that’s still the toughest part for me.  my head swirls with negative chatter before a run… “you’re not a runner”, “you’re so slow”, “you’ll never be able to do this for 13.1 miles”, etc. so i think i’m going to start gettin’ a little yogi on my runs and just stay present.  concentrate on each run as it comes.  last sunday morning i rocked 5 miles in 1:01:52.  i know i can do this!  i just have to remember that when i’m actually out there 😉

how do you get through tough challenges?  do you have a mantra or a favorite song that helps get you back on track and staying positive?  



*friday favorites*

happy friday beautiful people!

its hot and humid here so Hubby P and i started the day off with a 6am run to try and beat the heat. it didn’t work… it was a sweaty 2.5 miles!  but it did feel amazing to be done with my workout by 7am. one of my monthly goals for july was to increase my training runs to 3x a week in order to accomplish my bigger 1 year goal of rockin’ out a half marathon (which is DECEMBER 4th!).  so far, its looking good that i’ll get to check that goal off my list 🙂  after completing this goal, i think i’m going to make milage goals for the following months- i’d like to add 2 miles to my long runs by the end of every month so i’m always striving to increase my base.

anyway, on to FRIDAY FAVORITES!

here’s some things i’ve been diggin’ lately:

a fun and flirty read


pink bubbly



sipping wine

what are some of your favorite things this week?
♥peace out♥

favorite things friday

happy friday! it’s almost the weekend!

i’m about to chug some green juice and head out to pilates, but before i go i wanted to share some of my favorite friday things with you 🙂

1) hubby coming home from yet another a business trip

late last night hubby P got home from a biz trip just in time to see me finish off my celebratory cinco de mayo margarita and give the pup his birthday present.

2) actually waking up when my alarm goes off

i don’t know if its the vegan diet, green juices or yoga but my body has had energy to spare lately and i’m loving it! i bounced out of bed this morning, took the pup out, banged out a 2 mile run, washed my running clothes and showered all before 8am.

3) HOT workouts

i may hit up a hot pilates class later this morning. i loooove to get my sweat on during deep stretching


4) vegan restaurants

we’re going out to dinner with friends tonight and i’m pumped to go back to this fabulous vegan place that serves the most amazeballs (vegan) crabcakes. hello, happiness on a plate.


5) The Kind Diet

just downloaded this to my kindle and am digging it so far

what are some of your favorite things today? attitude of gratitude baby!

post-holiday happenings

hello, hello lovelies!

for anyone celebrating holidays this week, i hope you had a wonderful one!

we spent some time with the fam and i got to see my beautiful baby nephew. he’s getting so big!

i took advantage of my extra time off these past couple of days to kind of go over my goals. i have a very (very) rough draft idea of things i’d like to accomplish and i almost have an idea of when i’d like to accomplish them by. the problem is, i am hesitant to write them down and commit. i’ve always been a little flakey when it came to goals. there were millions of them i’d like to do, but rarely took the steps needed to get to there. 

i’ve realized that, while i’m at no shortage of goals and aspirations, i definitely am at a shortage of ways to get there and stay motivated. especially for those long-term goals.

here are some big goals of mine:

open a yoga studio

visit all 50 states

ski in switzerland

take a trip to london

run a marathon

write a book

continue to experiment with holistic health and healing modalities

these, of course, are just a glance and not in any particular order. however, most of them can be broken down into steps to make reaching each of these goals do-able. so while i’m still in the process of putting my goals in month and year order, i’ve also started to break them down into manageable steps. and the two steps i’ve taken so far are going to get me closer to optimum health and a marathon. a couple of days ago i began a 21-day vegan kick-start program. i don’t know if i’ll continue after the 21 days or if i’ll completely transition to the lifestyle, but for now, this process will get me closer to my goal of complete health. as i used to share with you over at Anxiety to Zen, food played a big role in my recovery and healing. i was constantly eating spicy foods or caffeinated foods that caused anxious symptoms like stomach-aches or pounding heart. through diet modification i was able to really help myself overcome a lot of issues. and the second thing i’ve done is researched a half marathon to do by the end of this year. i have a base of 3 miles right now and would adore running some 10ks this summer with the ultimate goal of a half in december. i found one i’d like to do and will share details as the time gets closer, but what better way to train for a marathon than train for smaller distances and work your way up?  so the first step was finding a half that i’d have sufficient time to train for because i’m not a naturally gifted runner. i turn a sexy shade of red and huff and puff my way through my mileage. but every step i take is one step closer to my goal. and hey, no one said i had to look like a beauty queen at the finish line. i just have to make it TO the finish line.

i’m happy to say my official half marathon training began yesterday with a 3 mile loop and some interval work at the end. and today is the 3rd day of being a vegan vixen 🙂

and i must say… i have more energy and i’m feeling pretty good.

and i’ve totally been eating like a queen

homemade vegan rice pudding

PB Cup smoothie

homemade vegan chocolate mousse with strawberries

and for when i want to have a little fun

spicy buffalo wings and blue cheese- all vegan!

we have a vegan italian restaurant by us where i can stock up on all my little guilty pleasures- like these and pizza!

i must say, so far so good!

i’m learning to take each day at a time and stay present in the little steps that work me towards my big goals. making them more manageable makes them seem more obtainable and it feels good to know i’m sticking to something.

i’m also treating my goals like i treat my practice. one day at a time. i may fall off the wagon or miss a day of training or forget a step needed to get ahead, but it’s all ok. it’s not always just about the finish, it’s gotta be about the journey as well.

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